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Penzion na Figleně

The guesthouse is located in the spa village of Slatinice on the border of the Velký Kosíř nature park with a peak at an altitude of 442m above sea level. Its location is close to the D46 Brno-Olomouc highway exit 33 direction Lutín or exit 253 on the D35 Olomouc-Hradec Králové highway. Olomouc, Prostějov and Litovel are not far away. Near the spa with a park, with the possibility of pleasant walks in the nature park Velký Kosíř. There is a network of marked cycle paths in the surroundings of Slatinice. The village has all civic amenities, ČD trains and bus services run here.


​​ ImageWhen, at the turn of the 19th century, the gentlemen from the municipal peasant credit union came to an agreement, the foundation stone for the construction of a branch of the peasant credit union with an inn was laid here in what was then Slatinice in 1864. Why the name of the building located under the church "Na Figleně" has been handed down from those times can only be judged from the reflections of the witnesses. It is quite likely that the name "Na Figleně" was derived from the purpose of using the building, where at that time a dance hall with a stage was located on the floor and a theater functioned. Here were held "Figlovačky" - dance parties of various associations, weddings and other cultural events. Until 1935, the local hall was also used by the Sokols for practice and later also for teaching two classes of the general school.
There is also the thought that today's "Penzion na Figlena" was built at that time by some "trickster". Whether it was the name of the builder, or whether it was created by some land or other trick, no one can tell us today.
Another acceptable version of the name "Na Figlen" can be a derivation from the word "figl". In the local inn, both among the peasants with a glass of water and playing cards, as well as in the pawn shop then located in today's candy shop, various advantageous deals could happen from time to time. We leave it to the visitors of today's boarding house to judge these options for themselves. What is interesting about the whole thing is the difference in descriptive numbers, where today's boarding house has number 80 and the neighboring house number 1.

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apartment Penzion Na Figleně

placeSlatinice 80
783 42
Česká republika

IČ: 75729440
DIČ: CZ7905024457

phone +420 585 944 868
phone +420 606 841 946

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